Wait ... what did that just say?

How We Do Things

Our Project Management Methodology

CyberOn uses a blend of Traditional and Agile methodologies when designing and releasing development work. By using this blend of methodologies, we support our client's requirements and desired solution to evolve, through the collaborative effort of all parties to the project.

We strongly advocate adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, and encourage rapid and flexible response to change. Our approach not only greatly assists our team to respond to the unpredictability of constructing software, but it also provides our client with a strong degree of flexibility in the direction of the solution.

And what would a web systems development business be without at least one fancy diagram...

Meet Our Team

No CyberOn team member is replaceable. As a motley crew bringing varied I.T disciplines to the table, we all operate together like a well-oiled machine, sticking to our company ethos of delivering cost-effective, client-focused solutions.

We're quick rapport builders and results-driven web solution builders. We believe in integrity, reliability, honesty, and strength. Each of us is wildly passionate about building creative yet pragmatic solutions that meet your needs to a T.

In a nutshell

  • Our Vision

    To help our clients become more efficient, effective, and profitable with the adoption of appropriate technologies.

  • Our Mission

    To develop great web solutions that give businesses a professional and friendly face, solve problems, create connectivity, boost profitability, and deliver outstanding results.

  • Our Experience

    Over 26 years analysing, scoping, designing, building and supporting web-based solutions, for businesses just like yours!


Core Services

We design, develop, integrate, host, and support smart digital solutions that work on web and mobile, for our New Zealand and international clients.

Clients Say

A quick note to say 'thank you' for our shiny new website and for the fast turnaround! Thanks for making this scary project so easy and actually enjoyable.

Claire Brooks

There seems to be many web companies in the market to select from, so when we were referred to CyberOn by a happy (mutual) client, that quickly made the selection process easy. I'm pleased to say the referral was certainly justified, with the resulting website already showing a return on our investment. Thanks team!

Steve Withers